The landscape-planning organization of the Tsaritsyno Museum-reserve is an example of a three-part functional zoning with a natural water core, an active entrance group and a historical landscape and pedestrian zone.

The Middle Tsaritsyn Pond played an important role in the spatial and functional organization of the palace and park ensemble. Its water area is the central element of the view accents and landscape paintings that reveal the panorama of the palace part of the park from the main entrance to the ensemble. As a result of the project work on the restoration of the water area of the Middle Pond and Horseshoe Island, an idea arose to implement a fountain composition inside the island.

The jet design was based on the image of palace buildings. The design of the fountain was initially based on the maximum palette of water effects and plastic means. A scenario of the fountain operation was developed in both stationary and dynamic modes.
Light and music fountains in the Tsaritsyno Museum-reserve
In the evening, light dynamics provide emotional support for water effects. Depending on the program and the selected piece of music, the color scheme. During the reconstruction, it was envisaged to hold mass events and holidays, therefore, the version of a light and music water show was originally laid in the fountain project.
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