In 2012, the capital hosted the second Moscow International Festival Circle of Light, which later received positive reviews from the audience, was praised by the mayor of Moscow and the international jury. Energy of Life, the key idea of the festival in 2012, responds to the demands of the time of rapid changes in all areas of life of our planet's states and nations. Using the means available at its disposal, the festival offers its vision of the accomplished and future changes, as well the path to achieving a positive life- affirming development of the world. The constructive energy of the circle is aimed at uniting nations and their cultures, developing creative prospects and modern technologies. The festival's opening ceremony took place in the heart of Moscow – on Red Square, which became the focus of light energy since the very opening and throughout the entire festival. St. Basil's Cathedral and the GUM building, the State Historical Museum, the Moscow Hotel and the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, the entrance arch of Gorky Park and the Central House of Artists also became venues for displaying video and light installations.
Moscow international festival of light 2012
The end of the Circle of Light festival was accompanied by a fantastic ceremony on the Pushkinskaya embankment in Gorky Park. The Festival of Light formed a new cultural layer, drawing public attention to this genre of modern urban art; it increased the interest of the international community in the traditional cultural heritage of our country and stimulated the development of event tourism.
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